Ken Mercer is an author, speaker and Christian singer.  He was blessed to be elected and serve two years in the Texas House of Representatives (Committee on Higher Education) and fourteen years on the Texas State Board of Education (Committees on Curriculum, Charter Schools, Finance, and Teacher of the Year).

Mercer labels himself as a Christian and a conservative.  His motto and slogan remains: “Faith, Family, and Freedom.” Mercer will stand for his faith, strengthen the family, and defend our God-given freedoms.

One constituent kindly refers to Ken Mercer as: “The Prime Minister of Education!”

Ken Mercer believes: “We will never fully comprehend our Founding Father’s challenge to continuously strive to become a ‘more perfect Union’ unless we understand what makes our United States of America so exceptional.  It is the profound impact and unbroken revival of Judeo-Christian values throughout our history.”