Finally a historically accurate, conservative Christian response to the controversial Critical Race Theory.

Christians, profoundly impacted by “The Great Awakening,” boldly told the pro-slavery world that human slavery was a sin and we needed to confront that sin. The mission of this book is to “test” readers on the true history of slavery in America and share the impact of a brave  “Ephesians 6″ faith to abolish 8,000 years of worldwide slavery.

Ken Mercer states: “Before 1870, Christians led voters from the constitutionally required three-fourths of states to ratify a trilogy of amendments. These were 75% of the states – on three separate amendments – voted on and ratified in three different years to: abolish slavery (1865), declare rights of citizenship (1866), and grant the right to vote for Black males (1869).”

Ken Mercer believes we can easily unify America by documenting the historic impact of “The Great Awakening.”

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